Fit for Work: 5 Simple Yoga Exercises for the Office

Yoga-Übungen fürs Büro

By now we all know that prolonged sitting isn’t particularly healthy for us. As well as switching from your driving to cycling, or taking the stairs instead of the lift, there are some other simple ways to incorporate more movement into daily life at the office.

Yoga is particularly good when it comes to exercises that can be implemented easily into your daily routine, while at the same time strengthening and stretching the major muscle groups! You don’t even need any special equipment.

Mountain Pose


This is a basic pose in yoga. It helps with better posture, stretches the spine and strengthens balance. Stand up straight with your feet hip distance apart. It is important to distribute your weight evenly on both feet. As you exhale, stretch your hands down by your sides, with your palms facing – but not touching – your thighs. Hold this position for five breaths.

Chair Pose


This exercise is especially good for strengthening the legs, while stretching the shoulder and chest muscles. Stand with your feet at hip distance apart, and stretch your arms into the air while bending into a controlled squat, as if you were about to sit on a chair. Try to maintain this position for five breaths. You can repeat this action several times.

Tree Pose


The tree has a positive impact on balance and concentration while stretching the spine. Start by standing with your feet at hip distance apart and stretch your arms out to your sides. Then balancing your weight evenly on one foot, take the other leg and turn your knee outwards as much as possible. Rest your food on the inside of your thigh and join your hands together above your head. If you have difficulty with balance, you can settle your foot at your knee or ankle instead. Hold this post for five to ten breaths, and then switch sides.

Triangle Pose


This exercise is a complete all-rounder, providing for better mobility of the spine, while strengthening the legs, buttocks and back muscles. Turn your right foot outwards, and extend the same leg. Stretch both arms our parallel to the floor with the palms facing out. Then keeping the arms in this position, tip your body down until your arms are are a right angle to the floor. Stretch your hands away from each other the entire time. Hold the exercise for five breaths and then switch sides.

Warrior Pose


The name says it all. The warrior ensures stability while strengthening the leg muscles. From a high lunge position, stretch your arms upwards and back slightly. Turn your right foot out, while bending your right leg, as your left leg remains stretched out. Hold this post for five breaths and then switch over.
Picture credits: Mountain Pose; Chair Pose; Tree Pose; Triangle Pose by Kennguru – own works, CC BY 3.0.

Sandra Stein

Sandra Stein

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