Ace Your Video Interview

Your application knocked their socks off and you’ve been called for an interview. But it’s not a regular one – it’s a video interview.

Normally, you can rely on your naturally devastating wit and charm to win over the panel. But with a video interview and all the hiccups and lag that goes with it, it’ll be harder to get your personality across.

Let’s make sure your wires are uncrossed. Here are a few foolproof tips for acing that interview.

Don’t Treat It Too Informally

For the love of all that is good and pure, wear pants! I can’t believe we have to keep talking about this. OK, so no, they can’t see you below table height but what happens if you need to reach for your CV that you accidentally left on the couch. You don’t have to be trussed up in a suit, but just make sure you’re as prepared as you would be if you were meeting them in person.

Think About Background

This one is pretty obvious. Don’t sit in front of a window, unless you’re applying for the job of mysterious, creepy silhouette (in which case, as you were). Don’t sit somewhere where interviewers can see a stack of dirty dishes behind you, or yesterday’s leftover pizza. I always sit in front of my bookshelf, so the background is warm and interesting if for any reason I have to leave. But the safest bet is to sit in front of a blank wall, in a well-lit but not overbearingly bright place.Need inspiration to find your new job, sign up for Jobspotting

Do a Test Run

Check your tech. Have a video chat with a friend in the next room to make sure that your microphone works, that you can hear them, and that your video display is working properly. If the in-built mic in your laptop isn’t strong enough, get a head-set. When you’re trying to explain why you’d be a great hire, the last thing you want is to have to start again because your mic failed.


The great thing about video interviews is that you can makes notes during it. If you’re clever, and I know you are, you can have flashcard prompts to remind you of the main points you want to get across. Don’t have whole sentences to read out, but write some one-word reminders to make sure you stay on track.

Follow-Up Email

It’s always nice to be nice. A couple of hours after you hang up, send a few lines to thank the interviewer for the chat. Common courtesy is a beautiful thing.

Et voilá! You’re ready for your interview. Knock ‘em dead!


Featured Image:Teliris VL ExecutiveCC by Fuelrefuel (via Wikimedia Commons)

Carrie M. King

Carrie M. King

Carrie M. King is the Editor of the Journal by Jobspotting. Hailing originally from smack-bang in the middle of Ireland, she moved to Berlin in 2014 to join the gang at Jobspotting. Carrie previously worked in journalism and literature. If you want to share thoughts or ideas, get in touch: