6 Austrian Startups Job Seekers Should Definitely Check Out!

Sometimes, it’s good to venture out of the more established startup hubs to check out the innovation that’s happening in other European countries. Today, we’re looking at Austria, which has a very exciting startup scene and some really promising job prospects. Here are five Austrian startups that you should keep in mind.


Need a flea market on the go? Meet Shpock. Headquartered in Vienna, the company provides  a free classifieds app that really is like a second-hand shop in your pocket. With a sharp eye for design and a sophisticated search function, this Austrian startup is one of the most successful marketplace apps in Germany, and is a serious competitor internationally. They’re also hiring like crazy – make sure to check out their current vacancies.


The Viennese company, mySugr which has been on the market since 2011 has already collected several million euro in funding. It offers several apps that support diabetics in everyday life. Its products include among others a diary/notebook, a blood sugar scanner, and a medically-developed training app that helps diabetics to gradually learn how to manage their disease day-to-day. In addition to high-tech apps, this Austrian startup also have some interesting jobs on offer.


To German speakers, kununu may be the most well known company on this list. The employer review portal lets people assess their company on the platform, and helps job seekers get informed about potential new employers. It was bought for several million euro, and along with Xing is one of the most recognisable career network sites in Germany. In addition to providing you with helpful information on finding a job, kununu has excited job offers of its own! Have a look.


The name says it all. This startup from Lower Austria specialised in indoor navigation and uses high-tech to make it easier for people to orient themselves, for example in large building complexes or venues. Since it was established in 2010, the company has been growing fast, with headquarters in Brunn and now offices in Vienna and Palo Alto. Exciting stuff! Why not check out their current vacancies?!


If you’re into eSports and gaming, then Hitbox is the right place for you. The Vienna-based company streams high-resolution live games without much transfer delay. It may sound simple enough, but any sports fan will know that good streaming requires sophisticated technology. Viewers can also comment on the action live, and have their say in real-time. Hitbox are currently looking for numerous employees – so keep them in mind!


Rural areas can also be real drivers of innovation, as shown by the startup Webgears, which is headquartered in the Vorarlberg community of Götzis. Webgears operates international voucher portals like gutscheinsammler.de or voucherbox.co.uk. They now have a second office in Mitte, Berlin. They’re looking for people at both locations, so check out their vacancies now!


This post was updated on 18.05.16.

Image credit: “Hub Vienna – Social Business Event with Muhammad Yunus” von Impact Hub, CC BY-SA 2.0

Sandra Stein

Sandra Stein

Sandra Stein is content and editorial manager at Jobspotting. From France to Luxemburg via the Ruhr Valley till Berlin – she has lived in the German Capital since 2010 and has now found the perfect rhythm for kid’n’career after engagements in a communications agency and the incubator scene. She has supported Jobspotting since end of 2014.