The Next Chapter of Jobspotting

At Jobspotting, we’re convinced that data and technology will transform job search over the next five years. By utilising this, our vision is to connect millions of job seekers worldwide with fulfilling roles in interesting companies. Today, we advance a little further towards that goal.

We believe in helping people to not only find a job, but to find the right job. Therefore, we try to show each job seeker only the most relevant career opportunities.

Our original hunch that people would embrace personalised job search has proved to be true. The numbers speak for themselves. Only ten months after launch, we are doing this daily on four continents, in eight countries and through four languages. Since January, we have helped over 300,000 people in their job search.

More and more people discover Jobspotting every day, and user engagement on our platform is on average 40% higher than similar services on the market. In addition, job seekers who go through Jobspotting to our partner sites are six times more likely to apply for the job than those who come from other job aggregators.

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Today, we’re taking the second big leap forward in our journey. A recent report by McKinsey surveyed 37,000 employers around the world, 36% of which couldn’t find suitable candidates for their jobs. At the same time, 30 – 45% of the labour force is out of work, which is pretty ironic in today’s technological world.

The McKinsey report goes on to state that “online talent platforms could increase global GDP by up to $2.7 trillion by 2025 and grow employment to 72 million full-time jobs”, and postulates that improving job search could help 540 million more people to find a suitable job. It is precisely this – helping companies to find the right talent for their job vacancies, and helping applicants identify the right jobs for their own skills and experience – that is likely to have the greatest impact on economic development.

With the recruitment analytics tool that we’re releasing today we believe we can go some way to making these predictions a reality. Put simply, it enables employers to find the right candidates. We equip them with a set of tools they can use to better understand candidates, to focus their recruitment efforts on the skilled individuals they’re seeking, and to make better decisions based on the status of the market.

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Today, we are the first meta-search engine in the world that provides this level of insight and analysis. There are more than 200,000 companies in our database on which we have already gathered historical data. During the test phase, we have worked with over 200 companies – including IBM, Accenture, Deloitte, Airbnb, Rocket Internet and Axel Springer – to help us understand what companies really need.

We have already received lots of positive feedback from our users, which motivates me and the whole team to continue growing and improving this product. Big thanks are due to our team who work hard everyday to make Jobspotting better. It’s thanks to them that we have come so far.

And it goes without saying that thanks are due to our users who login to Jobspotting everyday, read the Journal, follow us on Facebook or Twitter and give us feedback on what we can do better. This support is invaluable and we take into account every piece of feedback we receive.

So, if you know someone who works in a HR department, or in a company that’s looking for top talent, tell them about Jobspotting and send them this page: From there, they can create a state-of-the-art company profile and we will support their search to find great candidates.


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Robin Eric Haak

Robin Eric Haak

Robin Eric Haak is Co-Founder, COO/MD at Jobspotting GmbH, a startup focused on job recommendations technology. He is an investor for Haak & Compagnie with several seed investments. Prior to joining Jobspotting, Robin built up the Berlin-based Axel Springer Plug and Play Accelerator. He managed investments from the follow-up fund, the portfolio and operations of the accelerator. He worked in corporate M&A at Axel Springer SE, Europe's leading digital publisher.