Jobspotting is Live in Argentina!

It’s enormously exciting to reveal that Jobspotting is now live in its tenth country: Argentina.

If you’re an Argentinian job seeker looking for a better way to sift through local opportunities, or someone who fancies a professional adventure in a new country, you can now use Jobspotting to research the best positions.

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Our vision is to make intuitive job discovery available to all professionals, through any language, anywhere in the world. We are already active in Germany, the UK, Ireland, Spain, Austria, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mexico and South Africa. By going live in Argentina today, we step a little closer to that goal.

Why Argentina?

There’s no denying that the Argentine economy has a somewhat beleaguered history. However, the recently-elected President Mauricio Macri has been making serious strides towards stabilisation. The country has recently settled a 14-year debt battle with the US that will help it return to the global credit markets.


As the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world, with the second-largest economy in South America, Argentina benefits from a highly-educated, highly literate population, export-oriented agriculture, and diverse industries. Argentina has massive potential for growth and professional development.

Skills in Demand

The strongest sectors in Argentina relate to food and beverages, auto manufacturing, electronics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, metals such as steel and aluminium, textiles, and tobacco.


With a very developed media industry, Argentina provides many opportunities for those in journalism, broadcasting and publishing. The country is also a world leader in scientific research, and Argentinian scientists are “on the cutting edge in fields such as nanotechnology, physics, computer sciences, molecular biology, oncology, ecology, and cardiology”.

Right now on Jobspotting analysts, technicians, sales managers, programmers and electronics professionals are the most in-demand. Popular computer languages include Java, SQL, JavaScript, PHP and HTML.

Where Are Most Jobs?

Not surprisingly, the bulk of jobs in Argentina are centred around Buenos Aires, but there are also plenty available in provinces like Santa Fe, Córdoba, Misiones, and Tucumán.


Major companies like Coca ColaThe Walt Disney Company and Huawei operate in the country, which is also well-served by recruiters.

Jobspotting in Argentina

Thrilled by this latest step, Jobspotting is excited to make job hunting in Argentina a little easier. By partnering with major Argentinian job boards and companies, we hope to help job seekers find positions that are perfect for them.

Don’t forget you can also check out jobs in Germany, the UK, Austria, Spain, Ireland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mexico and South Africa.

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The Jobspotting Team

The Jobspotting Team

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