7 Cool Jobspotting Features You May Not Know About

We all know how much of a pain in the proverbial job hunting can be. Searching and applying for jobs in itself becomes a full-time pursuit. Jobspotting saves you the time you’d spend searching by recommending jobs based on your preferences and experience. Simple!

But just in case you’re not totally sure how Jobspotting works, here’s a little explanation of our favourite features.

1. Set Up a Private Profile

New Home PageYour Jobspotting profile is where the magic happens. When you initially sign up, you’ll be asked to enter your preferences so that we know what kind of jobs to recommend.

Tell us what kind of topics you’re interested in, where you’re looking for a job, and what career level interests you.

Your profile is completely private and Jobspotting never broadcasts your activity. No need for your Facebook friends (or colleagues) to know that you’re looking for a new job!

2. Access your Personalised Jobfeed 

When you sign in, you’ll be brought to your Jobfeed. This is basically your homepage, where you’ll find all your job recommendations.

Latest Jobs is the first thing you’ll see. We know you don’t want to miss out on anything, so all the most recent job opportunities are here.LatestScroll down a little, and you’ll find Recommended Jobs. These aren’t always the most recent jobs, but are the best matches for you.


3. Vote for Better Recommendations

When you find a job that you like, make sure to give it a big thumbs up. That way we can learn what kind of jobs are the best fit for you.

Thumbs Up

Sometimes, you might get a job recommendation that doesn’t quite match what you’re looking for. You can give it a thumbs down, and select the topics that don’t apply to you. The more feedback you give, the more accurate your recommendations will be.

Thumbs Down

4. Bookmark Jobs For Later

Don’t have time to apply for a job now? No problem. Just click the bookmark to save it for later.


You can access it at a more convenient time by clicking the pink bookmark beside Your Profile. There you can access Saved Jobs, Followed Companies, and check (and edit) your Feedback History.

Bookmark menu

5. Explore Other Industries or Locations

With the Explore function, you can discover jobs, companies and locations without altering your profile or impacting your Jobfeed. Just type a topic in the Explore bar, and we’ll show you what jobs and companies match your query.


6. Alter your Settings Easily

If at any point you want to refine your recommendations but don’t feel like voting, you can simply go to Your Profile and edit from there. You can add or remove topics, locations and seniority levels, or even hide recruitment agencies.


7. Get Personalised Emails

You won’t always want to look through job listings, but might still want to have your finger on the pulse. When you haven’t logged in to Jobspotting in a while, we’ll send you personalised emails with job offers that are relevant to you.

Jobspotting Email 2

We know that you’re already bombarded with email so we’ll never spam you. Promise.

Now that you know how to get the most out of Jobspotting, why not sign up and see what amazing jobs we can find for you! You might be interested in checking out Berlin startupsmarketing jobs in the UK or maybe internships in London? We can give you the lowdown!

So, why not try Jobspotting now?

The Jobspotting Team

The Jobspotting Team

Jobspotting is a personalised job recommendation engine. We aggregate job opportunities from across the web and recommend only the most relevant ones to users based on their personal skills and interests. The Journal is where the team writes about topics that affect your career and working life.